Why pick our crew?Our husband and wife team has worked in the film and TV industry since 2009. They’ve worked for very well known TV channels like channel 4, BBC, and sky and on many famous TV dramas (eastenders, soronation street, holby, to name a few). They’ve also worked for large corporate clients like santander, schroders, deutche bank… Sophie knows how to use studios so well that she still lectures in the TV studio at Staffordhire University. Needless to say, with this much experience, you are in safe hands. By picking us, you would also be supporting a small, family run business
I want pictures of my children. Do you have experience with kids?Yes! Lots! We run the local Kids Film and Musical theatre after school club in cadishead. Sophie for kids parties every weekend, and teaches singing to children in one on one classes too!
Can I change into different outfits?Yes. You can bring as many outfits as you like, just keep in mind that the more outfit changes, the less time there is to shoot.
I feel uncomfortable in front of the cameraYou will be with a female photographer / videographer who has years of experience getting people to relax in front of the camera. It’s quite normal to feel nervous and she will take the time to ease you into the environment and reassure you. You can bring someone with you if you wish and either have them in the studio of sitting next door on a comfortable sofa
Why is it cheaper than most studios?We are fortunate enough to have a fully equipped professional studio in our house, which means we don’t have commercial property over heads to keep up with. We have also built in most of kit to keep the crewing costs down.
What are your opening hours?As our studio is at home, it means our working hours are a lot more flexible, so we can pretty much do most days and times
How do I chose the pictures I want?As we don’t believe in hard sell, we will give you as much space as possible to let you chose. To do this, we will open all the images in a software where you can rate them with stars. This will help you select your favourite.
Can I get a make over?It’s a great idea to get hair and make up done by professionals for your pictures. We are lucky enough to be at a 4 minute walk from 4 hair and beauty salons. So you can get your pamper session in a fully fledged salon and then have a short stroll over to us for your time in the studio. You can get your hair, make up, nails and eye brows done and feel gorgeous. If you’re quite happy to do your own hair make up, you can do that too. We advise that you get ready at home to not use up your studio time.
Will I get a print of my pictures?We live in a modern age where a lot of pictures are shared digitally and we understand that getting the digital copy is what people prioritise. There are plenty of companies that offer a wide range of printing options and we prefer to let you select the price and product best for you. By not printing ourselves, it also allows us to be more affordable for our clients.
I heard that photography studios have a hard sell technique and you get ripped offA lot of studio’s stratergy is to entice you with a low booking fee and then they apply hard sell techniques after the shoot and charge a lot more than the booking fee for the images. We believe in complete transparency for a fair experience. You will know in advance all your options and price list, so that you can come in with a specific budget in mind. You will find our price breakdown and what it includes on our website. Happy to answer any questions also
Do you do on location shoots?Yes, we have plenty of experience shooting on location. Be aware that on location shoots are more expensive though as it requires more set up and pack down time.
Will my pictures be on facebook?Probably. We like to share our work online both so people can see our portfolio and so you can share images with your friends and family. Please note, like most studios, we retain the right to use all images shot for promotional purposes
What kit do you have in the studio?The studio is equipped with 3 built in video cameras, with the capacity of adding ou other 2, a video mixer that will allow you to see a preview of all the angles, an ipad that we us as an autocue if you have scripts or lyrics that you need to see, 5 built in LED lights (we have more lights if required), a built in boom mic, a radiomic, a hand held mic and multiple backdrops. If you are shooting a music video we also have a mic specifically for singing, keyboard, guitar, music stand, headphones and speaker
How will I receive my pictures?After selecting them on the day. We will then edit them and send them to you by email through we transfer
Can I pre pay for images?Yes
Can I buy this as a gift?Yes, you can purchase the experience and then get the person who it’s for to book a date and time with us
Can I chose my own green screen backdrop?Yes, Pick your own free backdrop here or you can send us your own background
Can I chose my own background music?Yes, Pick your own copyright free music here or you can send one to us
Parking?There is free on street parking