Personalised Princess Video Messages

Is your little one’s special day coming up, but they are locked in their tower? That shouldn’t mean they can’t have a little magic! 
Get your little superstar a magical personalised video message from their favourite princess or superhero for their birthday! 

Videos are made by Brading Images with Brading Images’ Studio and kit.

We can also provide encouraging messages for any situation to put a smile back on their faces. Have they been tidying their rooms? Doing their homework? Why not get a princess or superhero to congratulate them in a video message! 

Maybe they need cheering up because their birthday party got cancelled? In any situation, we can bring some positivity back into their lives.

We use a professional green screen studio to get realistic backgrounds for our princess and superhero personalised video messages. We also use a professional camera, lights and microphone giving you a high quality video.

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