Filmmaking 101: Camera Height

Filmmaking 101: Camera Height

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Outside the studio, we run a film club called The Stage and Screen Academy, where we teach filmmaking 101.

So at what height should you position your camera, and why?

A low angle, looking up at a character, will be used to make someone look powerful and imposing. This is perfect for heroes and villains.

Next, let’s look at the opposite, the high angle shot. 

A high angles shot will be looking down at a character, making them appear small and weak.

A bit more of a standard angle, would be shooting at eye level.

This should be your choice if you are not trying to create the 2 effects mentioned with the 2 previous angles.

You might also come across aerial shots. These are great to show shots of the location. Typically, this would be shot on a camera on a drone, perhaps flying over skyscrapers to show that the scene will be in new york city.

So let’s recap. The 4 camera heights are: high angle shot, low angle shot, eye level and aerial shots.

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